Maywufa® continues its winning streak as a top consumer-supported brand.  After being chosen as a Taiwan Top 100 Brand and receiving the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award, Maywufa was listed as a number one consumer brand in 2014 by Management Magazine.  

Management Magazine recently announced the latest winners of the "Best Consumer Brands Survey".  Maywufa® took first place in the consumer hair dye category.  In an impartial survey, consumers were asked to name their top brands and Maywufa® was listed as a top brand in the hearts of consumers.
The “Best Consumer Brands Survey” has been ongoing for 29 years, and is the established impartial authority on consumer goods. The survey results have become a strong indicator of consumer purchasing habits.  According to Nielsen, the sales volume of Maywufa® ranks first in the Asian hair dye market. 
Maywufa® continues to tailor hair treatments for Asian skin types and has developed unique formulas best suited for the elderly.  The launch of Maywufa Instant Coloring Cream placed Maywufa as the leading brand in the hair dye market, and the awards are well deserved.  Maywufa® ‘s “COLORFUL” color dyeing series has become the leading brand in the color market.  Maywufa® is constantly innovating while continuing to provide safe and high-quality hair dyes.  Maywufa has quickly solidified its places as a top consumer trusted brand.