Rethinking drug development

PhytoHealth is pioneering novel drug development not by following the route laid out by other drug companies, but by innovating natural treatments used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. We identify plant and herb-based treatments that can improve patients’ quality of life. Our novel approach successfully created the PG2 Lyo. Injection, the world’s only prescription drug to alleviate Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF).

Video of PhytoHealth Botanical Drug Manufacturing Plant


Adhering to the highest standards of care

Developing revolutionary botanical drugs requires following modern drug development practices. Our pipeline of safe natural botanical drugs all adhered to strict drug development protocols set forth by the US FDA. The PhytoHealth manufacturing plant is Taiwan’s first PIC/S GMP approved plant and the PG2 Lyo. Injection was the first prescription botanical drug ever approved by the TFDA.

PhytoHealth currently runs 3 US FDA Phase II approved clinical trials, including: PG2 for treating Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), PHN031 for treating osteoporosis, and PHN033 for treating diabetic nephropathy.

Award winning R&D capabilities

Our insights into drug development have earned us numerous prestigious awards, such as the “National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award”, “National Innovation Award”, and the “Taipei Biotech Award”. PhytoHealth also set a new benchmark for biotech and pharmaceutical industries in Taiwan by becoming the first publicly listed new drug development company in Taiwan.