Maywufa has spent more than 40 years perfecting
natural safe hair color, shampoo, and body wash products.
We now stand as a leading expert on Asian hair care and skin care.

From simple concept to innovative products

Maywufa’s journey to becoming an industry leader began with one simple concept, be the first to formulate products tailored to Asian hair and skin types. For over 40 years we have built a series of award winning products on this insight. Our high-quality products contain natural herbal extracts, are silicone-free, and are built around a pH 5.5 weak acid formula to maintain balanced skin. Our unique approach to tailored hair care, resulted in being the only industry brand listed as a Taiwan Top 100 Brand.

The perfect solution for every niche

Maywufa has refined functional beauty products that remain stylish for every age group. Maywufa® Instant Coloring Cream is the leading brand in Taiwan when it comes to “coloring gray hair”. Maywufa® Sunflower Coloring Cream delivers a glossy color for those who want to cover sprinkles of gray. COLORFUL is a leading brand of trendy hair colorant aimed at youths who love to highlight their vibrant personalities. Each product line has received rave reviews from customers and consistently outsell color creams from Japan, Europe, and the United States, resulting in the largest market share in Taiwan.

Healthy is beautiful

Maywufa is continually pushing the beauty industry forward with its goal of more environmentally sustainable business practices. To promote Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), a special independent team set up the Saholea Innovative R&D Center to design products with the highest quality of ingredients and an uncompromising brand spirit. Saholea products do not contain excessive chemical additives, are easy-to-use, and contain potent herbal essences that provide consumers with naturally healthy hair. The Saholea Innovative R&D Center recently debuted its first product line, “Saholea”, a series of herbal essences based hair and skin products.

Our major principles:

  • Alcohol-

  • No excessive use
    of chemical ingredients

  • no animal

  • contains natural
    plant extracts

  • silicon-free