Driving medical AI forward

AmCAD is committed to developing unique products that assist medical professionals in making more accurate early diagnoses. We are converting clinicians’ experience-based knowledge into AI-driven technologies. Our commitment to push the limits of medical AI led to developing the world’s 1st ultrasound CAD for thyroid cancer detection, AmCad-UT. We are furthering this same innovation into early diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea.

Video of AmCad-UT® Detection 2.2

Leading the industry through innovation.

AmCad Biomed’s core development goal focuses on early detection of various cancers and medical disorders. We have committed ourselves to developing first in line products to assist medical professionals in making more accurate early diagnoses. We believe by integrating AI with innovative hardware devices, we can solve long-standing unmet clinical needs.
Broadsound Corporation is the leading manufacturer of ultrasound replacement transducers. Broadsound joined the Maywufa Healthcare Group in 2018 to help advance the ultrasonic equipment industry. We offer everything from research and development, design, manufacturing, global marketing and aftermarket services.

Globally recognized products and devices

AmCad Biomed is the proud innovator of several world first products. Four of which have been cleared for commercial release by the US FDA and received the CE Mark. Our products have won the National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award, National Innovation Award, and the Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award.
Broadsound Corporation has obtained multiple certifications across the globe, including US FDA 510(k), CE0197, GOST-R and ANVISA. With over 400 dealers and distributors, we have successfully sold products to over 100 countries around the world.